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North Newton Elementary School
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Hello, my name is Lynn Evans and I am looking forward to being your child's teacher for this school year.   This is my seventh year of teaching.  In 1st grade we will continue our global focus on Africa.  I am looking forward to the adventures that are to come and I am excited to be working with each of you to prepare your children for life beyond 1st grade. 
If you have questions, comments or concerns, you can always reach me by e-mail or if you have an emergency situation you may call the school at 828-464-2631.  
Thank you, 

Lynn Evans
             ATTENTION------ Please check your CLASSDOJO account for changes in our schedule--------


                   Evans 2018-2019 Classroom Schedule

                      8:15- 8:30  Global Learning

                      8:30- 9:15 BARK

                      9:15-10:00  Letterland

                     10:00- 10:45  Specials

                     10:45-12:00    ELA

                     12:00- 12:25   Lunch

                     12:25-2:00      Math

                       2:00-2:30      Recess

                       2:30-3:15       Science/ Social Studies





                   1st  Grade Homework Expectations          Monday- Thursday

  •                         Read for 20 minutes- color 1 object of the monthly reading calendar
  •                         Students will be bringing home a word list to read nightly.  These words are the most commonly used words in books at their level.  We are working to master at least 400 words this year in order to prepare your child for 2nd grade. 
  •                         Letterland Daily Homework
  •       Monday- Students will read the circled words and sentences two times.  A parent or other adult will sign the space under  Day 1 homework at the bottom of the page.  
  •       Tuesday-  Draw three columns on notebook paper. First, students will write all circled words down the left-hand side of the paper.  Next, students will look at the first word on the paper, say it,  then cover the word and write it in the 2nd column.  The student will check to see if they spelled the word correctly, then cover it and write it again. Finally the student will check to make sure they spelled the word correctly for the last column. 
  •       Wednesday- Students will write 5 sentences using words of their choice from the circled lists. 
  •        Thursday-   Practice Test at home-