Meet the Instructional Coach

I am Mischele Glover and this is my second year at North Newton Elementary. This is my 27th in education. This year looks much different than any other year I have been in education, but yet still the same. The procedures and days in which students attend school are different, but the love of teaching and excitement to reach students is the same as always. In fact, I think there may be even more excitement of having students back in our building, even if it is only 2 days a week! I am so proud of our teachers at North Newton Elementary and I know that they are working extremely hard to meet the needs of your children. My job as the coach is to run alongside teachers and work with them to create engaging and challenging lessons for our students. It is my privilege to work with such a loving and caring staff who wants the best for the families of North Newton Elementary!

Mischele Glover

Instructional Coach Mischele Glover

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