The Bilingual Brain

The rewards are limitless!

"Learning another language builds cognitive skills students need to succeed. Research shows students in bilingual environments have higher executive functions, empathy, and reading comprehension levels. Speaking another language also increases students’ ability to focus and prioritize tasks." (Participate Learning)

Benefits of Dual-Immersion

Research shows that bilingual people have improved their:

  • mental health,

  • academic performance, and

  • preparation for the future.

Research shows that students will:

  • score higher on standardized after at least 3 years in the program

  • come from diverse backgrounds learning to appreciate a culture different than their own

  • learn a second language at an early age achieving native-like language

  • acquire gains in higher-order thinking skills

  • have the advantage of being fully prepared 

    for the global community

Video provided by Participate Learning, our dual language immersion program partner.


Students in North Carolina immersion programs score better than their monolingual counterparts on End of Grade tests even without formal English instruction!*

Data from Participate Learning, our dual language immersion program partner.